Get a Constant Stream of Leads and Sales With Facebook Ads


- A 324% increase in conversions on a landing page in 6 days
- 0 to 9 consultation signups
- £1.71 B2B leads (8.77x lower than budget)
- $0.64 B2C leads
- A 4x improvement to Facebook ad results

Yep, those are some of the results I've gotten my clients.

(All results are documented on this page - So read all of it if you want proof)

But how?

1. Landing page conversion optimisation
2. Captivating ad copy and creative
3. Marketing strategy and consulting
4. Launching + managing Facebook ads

I've worked in a range of niches like Property, E-commerce, Coaching/ Consulting, both B2B and B2C.

You see, most Facebook advertisers don’t really know what they are doing.

Most of the time they have just heard of how to do something or taken some type of course. Often they don't have experience getting results.

Here are some client testimonials, with results I’ve achieved:

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What People Say

Working with Oliver is always a pleasure, and his help has been far beyond what I could expect.

He helped me 4X my results, and thanks to him, the whole project is on target and ahead of schedule!

Drake - Founder and Relationship Coach

Perfect communication, super helpful and great experience overall.

Consulting with Oliver was a big improvement for us. Highly recommended if you need expert help with Facebook advertising.

Nikola Ilievski - Marketing Manager, Lemon Tree

Prior to meeting Oli English we were having issues converting Facebook leads.

I was of the view that from a commercial property perspective FB would actually not work for me.

I almost hung up my boots, but my experience with Oli has opened my eyes to an innovative and fresh way to market on Facebook.

James Matthews - Managing Director, Shiny Rock Properties

Oliver is very knowledgeable about Facebook Ads, copywriting and funnel marketing.

He helped us improve conversion and I also learnt a huge amount from our conversations.

Thanks for your help Oli and looking forward to working together again soon.

Alan Riley - Marketing Manager

When we started, Oliver warned me that we might need at least one month to see results. In fact, Oliver brought me results in 2 days!

I was extremely happy with the results.
This was also a very positive experience for me.

João Magalhães - CEO at Boutique Madeira

Oliver is very much in demand, but if it's Facebook marketing you're after, grab him if you can...

Enthusiastic, reliable and a pleasure to work with!

Jane Proctor - Chalet seller

Oli is great with ad copy and Facebook advertising. He helped me improve my entire funnel. A pleasure to work with too!

George "The Greek Geek" Katsoudas - Marketing Expert

Campaigns I've Worked On

324% increase in FB ad conversions in 6 days

Before and After - 0 to 9 Consultation Sign Ups

Lifetime £1.71 B2B leads (8.77x lower than budget)

$0.64 per B2C lead

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