Facebook Ad Leads for $0.64 – Get Them Cheap

Conversions are the fun part of advertising, that’s where the money is made.

If you are paying too much for each of your leads, you stop making money, you have no ROI. However, if you minimise your cost per lead, you make more money for each deal you close.


Successful Lead Generation Campaigns


For just lowering your cost per lead, there are 4 things to consider:

1. Targeting

2. Ad copy

3. Ad creative

4. Landing pages


Optimise these areas, and you’ll have leads flowing in fast. I’ll cover all of that here, and some things people often neglect.




When finding your best audience, the No.1 thing you want to look at where your cheapest leads come from.
These are often forgotten parts of targeting you can optimise:

  • Country
  • Ad platform (Facebook, Instagram etc.)
  • And device (mobile or laptop)

If you have a good warm audience (people who’ve interacted with you) target them.

If you don’t, then you’ll have to go for just cold traffic (meaning people who’ve never heard of your business.)

As I always say, your best results will come from split testing. It might take trying out 4 audiences to find an audience that gets you 300-400% ROI.

And even then, you will most likely be able to improve your audience (especially with all the new fancy targeting options Facebook puts out.)


Ad Copy


Simple ad copy is good ad copy.

The model for copy success is to:

  1. Grab their attention
  2. Talk about their problems and spark interest
  3. Make them desire what you have to offer
  4. Then, tell them what to do to get it.



Grab their attention by speaking directly to them, or asking if they have a problem.

Spark interest by listing in an easily-to-digest list of what benefits they’ll receive.

Make them desire what you have by telling them what it is they can get.

Then, send them to where you want them to go, and tell them what to do in as simple way as possible “sign up to learn more.”

Test different ways of using this format, think creatively (brainstorming helps) and you’ll end up with the most affective ad copy you can get.


Ad Creative


Specifically, ad images or video.

As mentioned previously, grabbing attention is the first key to profitable ad copy. However, ad creative can really help grab people’s attention as well.

Some ideas: Bold images, bold colours, moving objects and people looking at the camera.

One reason why we react to people looking at is because, as humans we are very social creatures) that’s why we’ve evolved with a lot of white around our iris’s – It’s so we know where people are looking, and if someone’s looking at us.

If you’ve never noticed our close relatives, Gorillas, have little white around their irises’s in comparison to humans, you can see that below.



Going back to video, one reason why it works well, especially in the front of the funnel, is because they move and grab our attention easily.

To make the most out of this, have something interesting happens in first 3 seconds – Otherwise, they might just scroll away to a more interesting piece of content.


Warning – However you grab their attention needs to be related to your landing page and your offer – Make it look and feel similar to avoid making them feel put off when they see the landing page and not signing up.


Landing Pages


Ask for as little info as you’re ok with getting on the landing page.

I know you want high quality leads, but if you want them to fill out 8 forms, they are way less likely to go through with it. Keep it to what’s necessary to qualify them as a quality lead. 

Link what you’re selling to their core motivators on the landing page, like “3x Your Facebook ad ROI With…” or “Minimise Time Managing Your Website, No More ….”

Have referrals? Test putting them on the landing page. It helps show credibility and helps build trust.


Another related common problem people don’t acknowledge enough is site speed.


Site speed


If your site takes over 10 seconds to load, you’ll most likely have over half the people who clicked click away by the time your website loads.

If 60% of people click away before landing on your page, you could easily make a near 2x improvement with just improving your site speed.


The easy option:


Use a landing page generator, and host your landing page there. You’ll have will have no bad coding, and their servers are super fast.

Examples are ClickFunnels, or my personal favourite, Leadpages. However, they both work well.


Harder options:


Let’s say you need your website, for whatever reason.

If you’re looking for the easiest (but not complete fix) and you’re on WordPress get W3 Total Cache.

It’s relatively quick to set up, but a little technical knowledge and research are needed to set it up properly.



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