How To Get Leads and Make Sales From Facebook Ads

“Leads are the lifeblood of your business”, I bet you feel sick just hearing that.

You know creating leads is essential for your business. You don’t need someone on the internet to write an article telling you how important they are.

But what you do need to know, is how to create high-quality leads consistently.

That’s exactly what I’m going to walk you through, and how to do it with Facebook ads.


Your Target Audience and Their Desires


I would class this as the second most important point of your Facebook ads.

If you haven’t defined who you’re selling to, it’s harder than it has to be.

Find a market, don’t try to create one.

Ask your customers questions to find out what they want and who they really are.


You want to know your audience’s biggest pains, so you can help to solve them.


Some more examples:

What are their biggest challenges in their job?

What is the reason people purchased from you? (Make those qualities apparent in your lead magnet if possible.)


A Lead Magnet They Really Want


Now you know what your potential customers want, give it to them. 

If they like it, they’ll happily trade their contact info for it.

They need to trust you, for them to give you their contact, so try not to be too salesy (Even though I think a little is ok at times.)


What can you give them?

Here are some ideas:

  1. An eBook
  2. A physical book
  3. A webinar
  4. A free physical product
  5. Section of an info product you sell now
  6. A trial or restricted membership to a service or software of yours
  7. A video series (hosted online with private access)

Ok, that’s a lot of options. So how do you choose the best one?

  1. The simplest way (my preferred way) – choose the medium, that you or the employee that’s creating the content is good at
  2. Or you can research the type of medium your customer prefers to consume content in, and do that


The Right Audience


You’ve done the research to find good interest’s to target, asking your customers “what influencers/ knowledge hubs do you follow?” or “how, and where do you consume content?” are good questions to get there.

Bare in mind not all interests on Facebook are targetable, it’s best to check before you bet your strategy on it.


Advanced targeting:

If you want to get fancy and go beyond interest targeting, use this:

  1. Website pages visitors that are topically similar to your lead magnet
  2. People who have converted doing something similar
  3. People who liked your posts
  4. Gather customers who have converted to an action you want to replicate. Pass that data over to Facebook and they will bring you a NEW list of people who have similar demographics to your original list
  5. Better, create an audience from your most profitable customers


A warm audience is your gold dust, make the most out of it with these remarketing strategies.

That is the case, only if you genuinely care about your customers, and even more so if you constantly put out quality content.


Compelling Copy


Make your copy easy to read, and clearly list the benefits it provides.

Try to include scarcity to get people to take action now.

Something like “we’re only giving this to 300 people”, “while stocks last” or “only this weekend!”


Eye Catching Creative


The image is pretty simple, it needs to be:

  1. Very eye catching (opposite colour spectrum of Facebook’s blue colours – orange, yellow and red)
  2. Relate it to what you’re offering (especially if it’s a physical product)
  3. Similar to the look and feel of your landing page. Don’t make them feel like they have landed on another planet, it makes people feel uncomfortable, which is close to the opposite of trust


Your Best Ads


Just what should you stop? What is actually working for you?

You want to keep an eye on how much each ad is costing you.

Don’t run ads to audiences or creatives that are loosing you money.


One ad might get the most clicks, or it might even get you the most leads, but it might not get as many sales at the best price.


The most effective way I’ve found to do this in Facebook is to know your break-even point (where you aren’t making or loosing money).


To put it simply, figure out: The average purchases per lead (in this sales funnel) x average purchase amount.

That’s how much you can spend on any lead, optimise for that.


Exponential Growth


Don’t stop optimising once you’ve optimised the beginning of your funnel.

Improvements through split testing on different levels are exponential.

As Perry Marshall says in his book “80/20 Sales and Marketing” With a 2x improvement to your Facebook ad and landing page. You’re actually getting a 4x improvement to your whole sales funnel.

Include 2x improvements to your email automation and then make a 2x improvement to your sales page – you will have a 16x improvement to your sales funnel.


2 x 2 x 2 x 2 = a 16 x improvement


Death in Adverting


Naturally, after a while ads will hit a point where they give diminishing returns – just like how a flower will eventually wilt.

It’s inevitable – it’s called ad fatigue.


When it happens, you have to fight it.


Edit your ad:

  1. Make the image different
  2. Change the lead-in text
  3. Change the entire offer


“Without Adequate Funding, an Idea Won’t Get Off the Ground”

Al Ries and Jack Trout


Ok, this is the most important variable to your success.


In Facebook ads if you don’t have enough budget, you are sure to be disappointed. You need enough data to base sound decisions from.


When starting out or trying something new, you need to be OK with “failing” now to gain in the future.

Real results only come from constant improvements to your initial idea.


If you commit to a goal and you commit to constant improvement, you will be able to get to the right place with the right strategy and techniques.


And if you believe that is you, I believe I can help you.


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