How To Turn Losing FB Ad Campaigns into Winners

I want to tell you a little story from last week. It’s about I got a new client, calls at 29% her normal cost (Proof just below!)

I’ll go through her particular situation and the unique diagnostic process I use that comes up with the most effective plan to remedy it.

Ok, So my client was adamant she had an ad copy problem. (Just by how they were speaking I was 95% sure that wasn’t the case) I told them I’d look into it for them.

The cost of her ads were gradually increasing, and they hadn’t made a sale in a month and a half and after testing about 5 different ads.

This is even though the 2 months prior were her BEST MONTHS EVER – She went from about $20k a month to $0k.

Now they were at $316 per call. After looking into their situation, I told them they needed they change their image. They did, along with the ad copy.
Now, they get $94 calls (29% of what they were getting) and just over 3x better.

Here’s proof 🙂

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