I Felt Like Such An Idiot

I’ve got an embarrassing story, but, it’s one of growth.

The story starts in early 2019 when a client complained to me “why did it take us so long to get set up?”

I didn’t like to hear that, but it was true. It took longer than it should have, and I could have done more to speed it up.

I had grown too fast, my sales and marketing had improved a lot in a short period of time.
I had on-boarded a few clients and my old systems weren’t able to keep up.

By “systems” I mean a clear lack of systems. I was communicating very simple things 1 on 1 to every client (Lol).

This is where outside help aided me.
A mentor told me:

“The biggest targets to automate or outsource, tasks that are:
1. Commonly repeated
2. Simple (and easy)
3. Take up a lot of my time

Look at what you’re spending your time doing most.
Then do one of these (in order of preference)
1. Stop doing that task
2. Create systems to automate the task
3. Outsource the task”

Client onboarding was the biggest one for me at that time, so I sat down, spent a few hours creating a few documents and procedures that simplified it.

After that, I wrote down all the other repeated activities that I do, I ranked them, then listed the solutions.

Ever since, I’ve been working on that list, improving how efficient my businesses is.

The golden rules
1. Listen to client feedback
2. Get help where needed

Action is the only thing that will change your results.

If you know anything about me, I help people create client generation systems with Facebook ads.

If you want me to look into what you’re doing, and how you could get better results (if I see anything), talk to me there.

Oliver English