The SalesFunnel Lie

The sales funnel lie.
“Sell a cheap product before you sell an expensive one.”

I’ve seen this be the demise of many coaches, consultants and service providers.

They suggest you should make a sales funnel something like this:
Cheap offer ($7-200) > More expensive main offer ($2-10k)

It “builds trust, and sets people up to do more business with you in the future.”
But only at the right time in your businesses progression.

Simply, if you haven’t got a campaign that’s marketing to people who don’t know you;
AND it isn’t consistently generating (by itself) at least $2-5k a month.

Then you won’t do well with it, and there are better options.

Firstly, you should build a (deliberately simple) campaign that goes something like this:

Grab attention > Get interest > Educate > Get commitment for a sales call > Get on high ticket program/ service

A specific example?
FB ad > Landing page > Video sales letter > Consultation page > Call


2 reasons.

Reason 1. Flexibility

You need to remain flexible.

You need to be able to react to how a campaign is going, and edit it as easily as possible.

In this situation, it’s a lot harder to change a whole product that people are supposed to be paying for, then a short 10-20 minute video. One that helps them and at the end of it offers to jump on a call with you and figure out if you can help them at a higher level.

Reason 2. Their motivators + the process

Before you’ve gotten one campaign to that $2-5k a month period. You won’t know the audience well enough to know what a good sales funnel is.

You’ll have too many things to create and too many places you could go wrong.

You’ll be learning too much before that stage about your customers.

About the things that they like, the situation they’re in, the problems they face and that they acknowledge.

Marketing to an audience that doesn’t know you is a lot different to warm leads (like referrals.)

They are less forgiving, but obviously, it’s the only way to scale beyond a certain point.

You can talk to me if you want help with your sales funnels or Facebook ads.


Yes, if you are already earning $2-5k per month from a cold advertising campaign.

The idea of selling something cheap before selling them something expensive could be a GREAT idea.

And, could be what you should do.

If you can repurpose something that’s helped your best clients, that could be a really fast and effective way to launch a campaign. I have a process for that 🙂

We can talk about what would work best for you here: