Your Campaign Flopped

Have you ever launched a campaign, you did everything you were “supposed to do”. It looked like it should work.

But, it completely flopped? Very little people signed up, or contacted you to buy?

If that’s the case, it didn’t work it’s because your position was off.

Your position is the foundation of your whole campaign. Everything is built upon your position.

Like a building, you can’t build a good campaign on bad foundations.

You need to build a position by knowing the motivators of your customer, knowing what they know, and building something truly educational and helpful.

Educate them on either:
1. A genuinely unique solution
2. A solution that people haven’t heard of
3. A solution that people haven’t heard of IN THAT PARTICULAR SITUATION (highlighting the effectiveness of a product in an unusual situation, for example.)

At the moment, I’m bringing on new people into my client generation system. I help you build a strong position and manage or consult you on your the actual FB ads.

After years of managing and consulting clients campaigns, I started seeing what worked in positioning (the process outlined above.)

Taking all my findings, I created my very own unique process to find opportunities and rank your different potential “positions”.

What do your customers most desire? Where is there a gap in the market you can fill? It figures that out and more.

I can help you with that if you want.
I can hold your hand throughout the whole FB ads process to make sure your prospects close, and that there are no holes in the process.

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